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Andreja Milovic

About Me

Andreja Milovic, CCH studied allopathic medicine at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia. During the 1990’s civil war in (the former) Yugoslavia Andreja worked with UN/IOM Special Medical Program helping civil war victims by organizing medical evacuations and further medical treatments abroad. After the war she continued working with refugees through different international programs and humanitarian efforts till her arrival to USA at the end of 1999.

In 2006 she graduated from the 4-year program in Classical Homeopathy at The School of Homeopathy New York, NYC.

Her postgraduate studies include: Advance Program at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, San Francisco, CA; different seminars with various master homeopaths (Dr Massimo Mangialavori of Modena, Italy; Dr Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick of Pt Richmond, CA; Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Divya Chhabra and Dr Farokh Master, of Bombay, India; Dr Frederik Schroyens of Gent, Belgium) and series of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) seminars and conferences.

She is nationally certified in homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, demonstrating a strong competence in classical homeopathy and also a member of the National Center for Homeopathy.

Her special interest is in the integrative health and the homeopathic treatment of families and children. She enjoys practicing homeopathy together with her husband, a fellow homeopath, Robert Bannan, LCH, LCCH in Wilmington and Lewes, DE and New York City, NY.

Andreja likes sharing her passion about holistic health and healing through homeopathy by actively participating in free local Delaware Homeopathy Study Group as well as teaching Homeopathy Courses at Wilmington University, Middletown Campus. Numerous presentations at local and regional holistic health fairs, support groups, forums and different institutions (Osher Institute for Life Long Learning, Center for Homeopathic Education NYC, Newark Bible Fellowship Church,…) inspired by people looking for more natural ways to address their health concerns give her great motivation.