Over the last thirty four years Robert has practiced homeopathy in five countries and has worked with people from all over the world. He has been working together with his wife Andreja since 2010 and together they see people with a very broad spectrum of conditions ranging from serious chronic degenerative diseases to stress related anxiety disorders and simple acute situations with children.

We are both grateful for and awed by the profound healing potential homeopathy has to offer our clients. We watch the unfolding of many healing journeys that we don’t believe would be possible without the application of homeopathy as the healing catalyst. It truly is a profound method of achieving true and lasting health. Our commitment is to provide you, your family and friends with the best that is has to offer.

Every person who comes to us no matter what their condition or age is carefully evaluated and given a carefully individualized treatment which is based on their signs and symptoms, their medical condition, their constitutional and genetic traits and their inherited tendencies.

Homeopathic consultations are by appointment only:
Office visits
Phone consultations
Webcam live connection via Skype or Zoom
 302-345-8835 or e-mail: rob_bannan@yahoo.com
302-476-9772 or e-mail: amhomeopath@gmail.com


Initial Consultation  – Adults (2 hours): $410

– Children younger than 18 years old : $320

Follow up Consultation – Adults (1 hour): $120
–  Children younger than 18 years old : $100

Phone Consultations: Phone calls that are not for making appointments are charged at $1.50 per minute after the first three minutes.

Cancellation Policy: Please understand that when an appointment is made, that the time has been reserved just for you. We maintain a 24-hour cancellation policy.
Any cancellations must be made by e-mail or phone.

Educational services :
Robert has extensive experience teaching homeopathy to meet various educational needs from teaching health care professionals in college settings, homeopathy students to running short programs for people wanting to learn how to use homeopathy at home.
Robert is also available for case supervision and mentoring to advanced students and practicing homeopaths.
To schedule an appointment, class or mentoring session, please call
302-345-8835 or e-mail: rob_bannan@yahoo.com