I feel very fortunate to have Rob Bannan as my homeopath. He is very intelligent and also very perceptive in finding the right remedy. His treatments had and continue to have a significant positive effect on my health and quality of life.
Maria Gitman
I have used homeopathy for years for severe digestive issues from an antibiotic. I used a lot of different medications and traditional medicine without any relief.

I went to Rob as I knew of homeopathy already and used it for minor ailments and first aid. Rob treated me and continues to treat me with great results. I would say that I am 95% better using homeopathy on a regular basis. The list goes on and on with things that Rob has treated my family and me with. Rob and homeopathy have been the major reason that I am in good health.
Andrea Lauzon
Rob has made the study of homeopathy his life’s work, which results in excellent outcomes for his clients. His insight and concern for following up to ensure the remedies he has recommended for my husband and me have improved our overall health and vitality. I recommend him as a homeopathic practitioner without any reservations for anyone interested in constitutional homeopathic treatment.
Lori Wessel
I have received the most helpful homeopathic care since reaching out to Rob. Rob is able to see beyond the way I and other patients compensate, understanding the unique susceptibility and sensitivity of the person to find the most healing medicine. His rapport with the patient, in addition to his knowledge and years of experience, help foster this. I can attest to his excellence as a teacher, as well, with three years in his classroom!
Barbara Bason